Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Driving Miniature Horses

Driving your miniature horse can be a great hobby. Driving classes are held at shows throughout the year. There are also miniature horses competing in Combined Driving events. Many enjoy just driving their mini around the neighborhood or in parades.

There are many forms of driving:

Show driving which includes Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Roadster, Multiple Hitch, Obstacle and even Chariot classes.

Mini Driving - Bob and Beavis 

    Driving mini - OdessaDriving mini - AustinDriving mini - Beavis

    Driving mini - obstacleDriving mini - obstacle2Driving mini - obstacle3

    Driving mini - roadster 2

    Driving mini - parade

    Driving mini - chariot1Driving mini - Chariot2

    Driving mini - costume1Driving mini - costume2Driving mini - costume 3

    Driving mini - roadster1

    Trail driving is very popular and there are even competitive events.

    Driving mini - FollyDriving mini - Lyric



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