Unicorner Rowdy Batman


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Unicorner Farm Presents:

Unicorner Rowdy Batman

Bay Overo Miniature Stallion
AMHR 76517P

  • Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy
  •  Dam: Red Robin of Triple C
  • Breeder/Owner: Bob and Debbi Brown,  Unicorner Farm, Axtell, TX

Unicorner Rowdy Batman

This bay and white overo pinto Miniature Horse was born in 1996. His mother, Red Robin, was our very first Miniature Horse.


Batman and Robin

Batman as a foal

Batman - first show


Batman in flowers

Headshot of Batman

Batman - headshot

Batman has been producing small, colorful foals. We have sold Batman and he now lives in Abilene, TX.

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