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Shipping Miniature Horses

Q. What if I want to buy a horse from Unicorner Farm, but I live in another state? Do you ship across the U.S.?

A. Yes, we have safely shipped many miniature horses to their new homes. The most economical means of transportation is to hire one of the many transport companies that criss-cross the US. The cost is more expensive for individual trips (where your horse is the only passenger) but if you are willing to wait for them to work up a load going in the same direction, the cost will be much lower. Rates had risen recently, but now with fuel rates dropping I believe it will once again become affordable. Here are some we know of, we have used the first three and were very satisfied:

  • Sharrway Farm and Transport Specializing in Transporting Miniature Horses and Shetlands 580-276-5515 sharrwaytrans@arbuckleonline.com
  • Cox Equine Transport  1-800-829-8797
  • Equine Express - Horse Transportation (Major hauler based in Texas. Excellent equipment. Crews are experienced horsemen)
  • 3 Bar L Ranch Transport (California ~ Arizona ~ New Mexico ~ Utah ~ Nevada ~ Texas ~ Oklahoma)
  • All Points Horse Transportation, Inc. (Runs both coast to coast and north to south. In business since 1986)  Pickering, Ontario
  • All-State   800-451-7696
  • All-State Horse Express: Horse Transportation  800-451-7696
  • American Horse Transport  800-424-6845
  • Asmussen Horse Transportation (Second generation racing family, based in Laredo, TX (956) 723-5436)
  • Aubrey Equine Services  (KY/Midwest) 502-419-3165
  • Bateman Horse Vans  (VT) 800-933-4323
  • BCR Horse Transport (Hauling horses coast to coast and making the experience a good one! (785) 640-2878  
  • Beacon Hill Transportation
  • Bob Hubbard (Major hauler based in California, Florida, Kentucky and Washington)
  • Brannon Horse Transportation (Long distance hauling 502-767-1534 ask for Stoney Brannon)
  • Brian Transport (940) 452-6234 
  • Brook Ledge  (KY/NY/FL) 800-523-8143
  • Bruce Seale  (KY/FL/Midwest) 502-314-7425
  • Drexler Horse Transportation  (IL) 800-262-4464
  • ETS (Equine Tranportation Services) - Texas based hauler and hauling broker (512)430-1482
  • Flying Bar M - Professional Horse Transportation (Coast to coast based out of California)
  • Glenbrook Farm Transportation
  • Hal Sullens  800-567-3978
  • HH Hudson & Sons  800-624-7741
  • J.D. Crescini  (KY/Midwest) 502-905-8219
  • Judge Manning - Horse Transportation Incorporated
  • Lorraine  (East/Midwest/FL) 800-533-5771
  • Marshall Godsey  (KY/East) 270-866-3768
  • Mike McCauley  (KY/Midwest/West) 502-552-3841
  • Morrissey's  (East/Midwest/FL) 800-441-9441
  • Mustangs Custom Horses & Transport 
  • MWH Horse Hauling  (Kansas/Nationwide) 316-747-2328
  • Nation-Wide Horse Transportation, Inc: Equine Hauling
  • Paisley Enterprise  (FL/Nationwide) 352-873-1792
  • Paul Kurn Equine Transport  (KY/Midwest) 502-262-3206
  • Perry Transport Limited (Equine & Freight Transportation Specialists Serving Canada and Points Between Canada and the United States.)
  • Pony Express  (OH/East/Midwest/FL) 513-752-4696
  • Rockin J-M Horse Transport  (NV) 800-697-1494
  • Royal Equine Express  (OR) 888-385-6846
  • Sprintway Farms  (MT) 406-227-5167
  • Thomas Horse Transport Coast to Coast horse transporting; based in Drasco, AR
  • William C. Thomas Vanning (Lousiana based hauler used and recommended by many Thoroughbred race trainers.  Contact Mark Darnell (318)469-1906, Barry Thomas (318)458-9101, or (318)469-1905, (318)458-2220, (318)965-0006. 
  • William Tapp  (KY/East) 859-873-5474
  • Wings Horse Transport (U.S. Coast to Coast) Call 1-800-35-HORSE (Husband/wife team, both experienced horsepersons. Safe late model slant load trailer.  Excellent multiple horse discount.  Based in San Diego, CA )
  • Zeigler Horse & Livestock Transport

If you are a transporter and would like to be added to our list send an email to Debbi.


There are also many websites that will help you find quotes, here are some:

It is a good idea to check for any specific state regulations when planning to have a horse shipped to your home. Here is a website where they can be found:  http://www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/sregs/


Q. How expensive is it to import horses from other countries?

A. Besides the actual shipping costs, the additional quarantine costs are as follows: foals and horses under two years of age and geldings are $1,800 US in NYC and $1,800 US in LAX. Stallions are approx. $5,000 US (in addition to the base quarantine cost)in NYC or LAX and mares are approx. $2,000 US (in addition to the base quarantine cost) in NYC or LAX.

A. We are an approved USDA Quarantine Facility.  If you have miniature donkeys or horses going overseas and needing quarantine, give us a call for more details. Lonnie & Brenda Short, Short ASSets Ranch, Eddy, TX, 254-859-3724 http://www.shortassets.com


Q. How do people transport their minis? Are people able to set-up their minis vans, station wagons or pick up trucks to safely transport them. mallorcajunocom

A. We haul ours in a regular 2 horse straight load trailer.

A. We use our regular horse trailer but my husband added an extension to the center bar. The trailer bar is sandwiched between two pieces of plywood that are bolted together. The extension is removable. It works great. I think that we might add a piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting to the divider for extra padding. When we just traveled with one mini we put her behind the stud rail. We have a step up trailer. The minis have no problem hopping in. Kay

A. We transport our minis most of the time in a combination horse/stock trailer. It works great for long distance hauls as it can be sectioned off into two large stalls. However, a couple of days ago we purchase what’s called a “Goat Tote” and it would work great in the bed of a pickup truck for weanlings and small miniature short distance hauls. Dawn

A. I have seen vans set up with stalls and the back of pickups with canopys, we use a horse trailer so we have room for the cart. I have seen some pretty creative ways to haul and they all work just fine. Bambi Roylance [lazyrranch@email.com]


This information has been collected from the internet, mostly from Mini-Corner, our miniature horse list on Yahoo Groups.


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