Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Unicorner Farm Presents:

Our Miniature Foals of 1996

Unicorner Iceman [Stormy]


Palomino Pinto Colt
(Sire: Mr. Jim B x Dam: Flying W Farms Taffy]

Taffy and her 96 foal  This palomino colt was born 2-1-96 during an ice storm, that's how he got his name.
Ice Storm and Zac  Ice Storm adult 


Stormy was sold to Tanna Fournet of Louisiana  

Unicorner Rowdy Taxman [Manny]


Black Colt with Blaze
(Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy x Dam: Concho White Feather)

Feather's foal Taxman  This black colt was born in April 15th, 1996. So he was named appropriately!

Taxman's mother was our pretty mare, Feather.  Concho White Feather 

Manny was sold to the Simpson family of McGregor, TX

Unicorner Rowdy Batman


Bay Overo Colt
(Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy x Dam: Red Robin of Triple C)

Batman and Robin  This is a bay and white overo pinto born in 1996.


Batman was our main stallion the last few years and we have been very pleased with the quality of his get. He now lives in Abilene, TX.

Click to see his page

Unicorner Brittany Rose


Sorrel Tobiano Filly
(Sire: Sonoita Highlands Eek a Mouse x Dam: Lucky Four Misty Rose)

Rose and Brittany  This cute sorrel tobiano filly was born 5-28-96.
What a surprise, all that color from her dad with so little white.
She reminded us of a brittany spaniel!
Brittany running  Brittany in flowers 

We sold her to Al and Maxine Priesmeyer of Brenham, TX.

Unicorner Shaman


Blue Roan Colt
(Sire: Sonoita Highlands Eek a Mouse x Dam: Lucky Four Mary Jane)

Mary and 96 foal 

This blue roan miniature horse colt was born 6-3-1996.
We followed the "Manly" name theme for him too.

His new owner lives in Mexico so we were not able to get any more pictures.

Unicorner Candy Kiss


Sorrel Filly
(Sire: Bantams Pendigo x Dam: High Meadows Sun Kissed)

Unicorner Candy Kiss  This sorrel filly was born 7-6-1996.  
Candy's mother was a pale palomino.  Hidden Meadows Sun Kissed 

Candy was sold to Nita Johnson of Texas.

Alchemist All That Glitters


Silver Smokey Black Filly
(Sire: Buddys Aint He Amazing x Dam: High Meadows Snow Storm)

All that Glitters 

This silver dapple filly was born 8-10-1996.

Glitter's mother was a smokey cream.  Hidden Meadows Snow Storm 

Glitter was sold to the Doss family of Dallas, TX. 

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