Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Unicorner Farm Presents:

Our Miniature Foals of 2006


Unicorner Little Fern

Black Filly Born 3-20-06

Sire: Boone's Little Golden Rod  x Dam: Unicorner Rowdy Star-Petal)

We chose her name because both parents have plant names.
Fern has been sold with her sister Ivy.

Petey and Fern Unicorner Little Fern
Unicorner Little Fern Unicorner Little Fern

Fern and her sister Ivy have been sold to Linda Quist of Falcon, CO


Unicorner April Fool

Black Filly Born 4-1-06

(Sire: Unicorner Rowdy Batman  x Dam: Unicorner Dusty Heather)

Heather and April Unicorner April Fool

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