Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Unicorner Farm Presents:

Our Miniature Foals of 2008

Unicorner Rowdy Maui Waui

Silver Bay Colt Born 3-6-08

Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy  x Dam: Lucky Four Mary Jane)

Mary and Maui Maui Waui
Unicorner Maui Waui Maui Waui
Maui and New Owner

Rowdy Maui Waui is now owned by Ashleigh Renfro.

Unicorner Poison Ivy

Black Filly Born 3-15-08

(Sire: Unicorner Rowdy Batman  x Dam: Unicorner Dusty Heather)

Heather and Poison Ivy Unicorner Poison Ivy
Unicorner Poison Ivy Unicorner Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is a beautiful "pocket pony", she loves everybody. "Ivy" now lives with the Hardin family in Louisiana.

Unicorner Rowdy Boomer


Silver Bay Colt Born 4-1-08


Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy  x Dam: Red Robin of Triple C)


Robin and Boomer Rowdy Boomer
Unicorner Rowdy Boomer  

Keri Kembel is Boomer's new owner.

Unicorner Rowdy Buccaneer


Buckskin Colt Born 4-5-08


(Sire: Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy x Dam: Alchemist White Gold)


Pinky and Buccaneer Unicorner Rowdy Buccaneer
Rowdy Buccaneer Unicorner Rowdy Buccaneer
Buccaneer and New Owner

Buccaneer aka Snowy is now owned by Allison Renfro.

Unicorner Fanci

Buckskin Quarter Horse Filly born 4-5-08


(Sire: "Bay Fence Jumper" x Dam: Unicorner Goldie)


Goldie and Fanci Fanci
Fanci and foal - mini

Fanci has grown into a gorgeous quarter horse, she will be starting her training soon.


Unicorner Serendipity

Bay Filly Born 5-16-08

(Sire: Unicorner Rowdy Batman x
Dam: Unicorner Serrano)

Sera and Dippi Unicorner Serendipity
Unicorner Serendipity Serendipity

Serendipity - adult


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