Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Unicorner Farm Presents:

Our Miniature Horses

Lone Star RowdyWe have so enjoyed our miniature horses through the years. Let us introduce you:


We Miss Our Bright and Shining STAR!

The cornerstone of Unicorner Miniature Horse Farm was our stallion, STAR! - Lone Star Rowdy ... the look-a-like son of the immortal Rowdy, sire of many Miniature Horse Champions. We are thrilled that he has left many beautiful minis to carry the Rowdy bloodline into the future.

The Miniature Stallions of Unicorner Farm - read more about our past purebred miniature horse stallions Phaze 1 Lone Star Rowdy and his son Unicorner Rowdy Batman.

Miniature Mares 

The Girls of Unicorner. We are very proud of the herd of Miniature Horse Mares we have built up. Click on this link to view a list of them. Here are special pages dedicated to our first miniature mares - ROBIN, LADY, ROSE, MARY, and TAFFY.

Miniature Foals

The Miniature Foals we have raised. Don't miss the "baby" pictures. We have photos of all the miniature horse foals we have raised at Unicorner Farm. Click the year to view the mini babies.

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Miniature Horse information - we have collected quite a bit of information through the years and gladly share it.

Frolicking Fun - a collection of funny and inspirational stories, jokes and lists collected from the internet and emails.