Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Unicorner Farm Presents:

Some of the miniatures we have owned

Sonoita Highlands Eek a Mouse, blue roan pinto stallion

New owners: The York family of New Mexico

We saw Smokey at the exotic animal sale where we bought Robin. The owners didn't sell him for what was bid so we contacted them later and bought him. It is amazing that as little white as he had, he produced loud marked pintos.

Eek a Mouse


- - - - Boone's Little Buckeroo
- Boone's Little Master
- - - - Boone's Little Honeycomb  
- - - -
- - - - TBD


Lady Godiva of Unicorner, bay tobiano pinto mare

New owners: The Moermann family of Comanche, TX

We found lady at an exotic animal sale in Huntsville, Texas. She wasn't registered but we bought her anyway and registered her in AMHR back before the registry closed. That is why her pedigree is so "short".


- - - - Unreg. Sire
- Unknown
- - - - Unreg. Dam
- - - - Unreg. Sire
- Unknown
- - - - Unreg. Dam

Lady Godiva of Unicorner

Her mane reached her knees and it didn't take long to come up with the name Lady Godiva for her. Lady apparently doesn't like being a mom, she had only one filly for us.

Lady's foals:

Unicorner Charm Me

Lucky Four Misty Rose, silver bay mare

New owners: James and Shelly Moreno of Georgetown, TX

Lucky Four Misty Rose was one of our original three mares. She was bred by Wade Burns and Jon Woodring, of Lucky Four Farms.


- - - - Mascotte Van't Huttenest
- HNF's Musketeer
- - - - HNF's Trinket
- - - -
Dell Tera's Snowman
- Lucky Four Snowman's Yellow Rose
- - - - Lucky Four Roses Are Red

Lucky Four Misty Rose

She is registered in AMHR and AMHA. A striking silver bay in color, she has produced a rainbow of colors. I'm not sure why, but she has a roan spot on her left flank, she has never passed it on.

Rose's foals:

Unicorner Dandy's Talisman

Unicorner Brittany Rose

Unicorner Rowdy Star-Petal

Unicorner Holly Berry

Unicorner Poblano

Unicorner Paprika Rose

FWF Taffy of Unicorner, Palomino Tobiano Pinto

New owners: The Moermann family of Comanche, TX
Taffy was bred by the Wagners of Flying W Farms. She was a sweet mare who produced several nice foals for us.


- - - - Unknown
- Flying W Farms Sundance
- - - - Unknown
- - - -
- Flying W Farms Lady Day
- - - - Buttermilk

Flying W Taffy of Unicorner

Taffy's Foals at Unicorner

Unicorner Iceman

Unicorner Rowdy Attitude

Unicorner Rowdy Star-Burst

Unicorner Koi Boi

Unicorner Caramel

Unicorner Cotton Candy

Concho White Feather  

New owners: The Moermann family of Comanche, TX

Concho White FeatherWe had a lot of fun showing Feather. She was Best of the Best at one show.

Feather's Foals at Unicorner

Unicorner House Mouse (Casa)
Unicorner Rowdy Callisto
Unicorner Rowdy Taxman

                   IN MEMORY                

Unicorner Golden Jasmine 4/17/00 - 10/27/11

(Sire: Boone's Little Golden Rod x Dam: Red Robin of Triple C)

We miss our pretty Jasmine, daughter of our original miniature, Red Robin.

Fowler's Star [Star Too]
04/22/84 - 10/07/04


Fowlers Star

We miss you Star Girl, we so wanted a baby out of you and Lone Star...I guess it wasn't in the Stars. Even though she could drive us nuts sometimes with her quirky ways she still worked her way into our hearts. She is at peace at last and is buried under her favorite standing tree, where she will always be near her Palomino buddy.

Shamu's Boy
02/24/01 - 04/06/01

Shamu's Boy

He was our very first Shetland colt,
out of "Shamu", our first Shetland mare.

It was only a routine trip to the vet that day to do some bloodwork on mom. Walking them into the clinic he flipped over as foals sometimes do and hit his little head on the concrete. He was killed instantly.

May your passage across the Rainbow Bridge be as enjoyable as your short time here on Earth.

Unicorner Deja Vu

03/02 - 08/08/03

Unicorner Deja Vu

Silver Dapple Classic Shetland Filly
(Sire: Bristol Juan Rojo x Dam: JMR Two Part Harmony)

Bob and I had to make the terrible decision this morning to give our Shetland filly Deja Vu over to the angels. Deja made the trip to Congress but unfortunately instead of competing for ribbons she caught an upper respiratory infection and ended up fighting for her life. Despite intense antibiotic treatment and the expert care of her special friend and trainer, Kelli Shaw, Deja relapsed after getting back to Texas. She was humanely put out of her suffering from pneumonia at a Burleson veterinarian this morning. She joins her brother on the rainbow bridge.

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