Miniature Horses and Tunis Sheep

Miniature Horses for Therapy

Miniature Horses make fantastic therapy animals. Visits to nursing homes, schools and hospitals are a wonderful way to share your miniature horse. Any calm, small miniature horse can be trained to ride in elevators, walk calmly into buildings, and even get used to strange sites like walkers and wheelchairs.

We really enjoy these type of outings and the horses seem to like to visit too. The photo below are of Libby and Holly's first nursing home visit. The residents LOVED them, the elderly men especially like to tell stories of their horses they used to have.

Therapy miniature horses

We were told several residents seldom showed any interest in activities, but the miniatures were an exception. We highly recommend this type activity, and just know that you will receive a blessing if you choose to share your miniatures too.



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